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home1Safe Tree & Shrub Removal

Tree and shrub removal is highly technical, yet a delicate task that requires highly qualified professionals you will find at Oasis Tree Service. 

stump-widgetStump Grinding

Stump grinding provided by our trained professionals, using their expertise in safely removing those unsightly and hazardous stumps.  Stump grinding is important when dealing with a live tree removal, as some trees may grow back or spread through the stump and roots.

Cactus Removal

When you need expert cactus removal services, rely on our tree service company! We understand the difficulties of removing cactus from your commercial or residential property, so leave it to us.

home224 Hour Emergency Service

When it comes to emergency tree services, speed and safety are critical. Trees are rarely considerate enough to fall in a safe, stable fashion that takes into account people or property. That’s where Oasis Tree Service professionals and their years of expertise come in.


The main reason to fertilize trees and shrubs is to bolster their health so they are better prepared to fight off pests, disease, and environmental stresses.  While fertilizer can’t solve all of a tree’s problems, it will go a long way to give it a fighting chance.

Expert Tree & Shrub Pruning

Tree and shrub pruning addresses plant care concerns such as safety, integrity, shape and appearance

Before-after1 Before-after2


Professional pruning does much to ensure the health of your trees, but amateur pruning can do just as much to endanger it. As you’ve driven around Arizona you’ve probably seen the results of amateur trimming: stubby knots, butchered palms, and trees that simply look like they’ve been hacked to death.

home4Hauling & Debris Removal

Oasis Tree Service, prides itself on professionalism, making sure the job is done right, therefore all jobs have the option to have all debris removed and hauled away so you don’t have to. Don’t worry about filling your trash cans or waiting for a city pick up day, we will take care of it. From just lawn clippings to full landscape clean ups.