I called Oasis Tree Service and they were quick to respond to my request.  I had them remove a big tree from my back yard, by the pool.  They were here on time, cut down the tree and had my yard clean of all debris within 4 hours.  They even removed all the leaves throughout my back yard the tree had dropped over time.  I was amazed at how clean my yard was.   It was quick and painless.  They were professional and easy to work with, making me a very happy customer.   So I called them back to prune my mesquite tree in the front of my house, they were here relatively quickly and did a fantastic job, my neighbors noticed and commented on how much better my tree looked.  Again they cleaned the front of my yard of all the trimmings, seed pods etc.  — Thank you Oasis, I would highly recommend you to my friends and neighbors.

–V. Farrington, Gilbert Arizona

My target was the removal of 2 very large Sisso trees from my front yard.  Both trees had limbs overhanging my home and my neighbor’s home.  These trees are a nightmare with roots damaging the cement and going after water sources.  It was time for them to go.  
We called Victor Blackwell  (480-654-3966, Owner) of Oasis Tree Service.net and he came out right away to give us a quote.  We did shop around but went with him and his company as he was very competitive in his pricing, beating most quotes.    
On the day of the tree removal and stump grinding, Victor and his crew showed up ontime.  They were all very friendly.  They got to work right away starting at the top of the trees (using a big bucket crane) and working their way down.  I watched much of the operation because it was interesting to see how he and his team work together and communicate.  What a bunch of pros these guys are.  The trees are gone, the stumps are ground and the holes are covered up and it looks great.  They cleaned up the area really well and comments from my wife were that if she did not know that the trees were there in the first place, she would not have guessed that there was something there at all before.  Excellent work Victor and crew.  You guys were great to work with and you will get referrals from me when the neighbors ask   !!

–Pete W., Chandler Arizona