Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

The Best Way to Maintain Healthy Trees


Contrary to popular belief, most trees do not naturally maintain themselves. Left unattended, trees will overgrow and accumulate large amounts of dead material. The results are not only aesthetically unappealing, they’re a safety hazard. Trees burdened by unhealthy limbs, damaged bark, and dead leaves are far more susceptible to disease, fire, and collapse than their well tended brethren. One of the best ways to keep your trees healthy and beautiful is through regular profe
ssional pruning.

The first thing you notice about a well pruned tree is the vitality it exudes. A professionally pruned tree isn’t weighed down by excess branches and dead material. Instead, it’s shaped into its most pleasing visual form and allowed to thrive. The removal of dead materials also takes away opportunities for fungus and insect infestations to form. Most importantly, the removal of unstable materials minimizes your risk of future storm damage or falling limbs.

But while an expert pruning ensures a tree’s beauty and vitality, inferior trimming can damage or even kill beloved trees.
Improper trimming techniques are all too easy to employ, with a single misstep resulting in destructive flush cuts, bark ripping, and stub cuts. These errors not only cause unsightly damage, they also act as gateways to tree rot and infection.

Why Oasis Tree Service Tree Trimmers Are Your Best Choice

Professional pruning does much to ensure the health of your trees, but amateur pruning can do just as much to endanger it. As you’ve driven around Arizona you’ve probably seen the results of amateur trimming: stubby knots, butchered palms, and trees that simply look like they’ve been
hacked to death. None of these unsightly, and dangerous, pruning disasters need to invade your trees. Our professionals know the right way to handle pruning equipment and how to trim all trees to their best advantage. The flush cuts, stub cuts, and ripped bark that characterize poor trimmings are something you won’t have to worry about when you employ our tree service professionals. Not only will you be avoiding the visual mess that comes with poor pruning jobs, you’ll also be dodging the infection, disease and sometimes death associated with trees damaged by bad pruning.

Boom Lift and Crane Available for Large Tree Trimmings

Commercial or Residential no job is to big or small!